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Transactions and Licensing

Our firm handles various IP transactions for all types of patent technologies, trade secrets, trademarks, and copyrights to assist our clients in handling these assets. IP transactions include agreements directed to licensing, acquisition, collaboration, research, joint venture, partnership, material transfer, sponsored research, IP assignments, and software escrow arrangements.
Today’s fast-paced marketplace often requires the disclosure of technical information during the course of business negotiations.  Disclosures without proper protection (e.g., without execution of a nondisclosure agreement) can result in the forfeiture of your right to patent an invention, the loss of valuable market entry lead time, or the loss of trade secrets.  Our firm can assist with the preparation and negotiation of agreements relating to confidential information.
If you are interested in starting a new business, expanding an existing business (extending your territory or the nature of business), or enhancing the quality of your goods or services, the licensing of IP rights may be an effective tool for improving your market position and achieving your business goals. 
We can assist with these and other types of agreements to help you achieve your goals and succeed in your business transactions.  
  • Technology license agreement drafting and negotiation
  • Software license agreement drafting and negotiation
  • Joint development agreement drafting and negotiation
  • Technology acquisition, divestiture agreement drafting and negotiation
  • Nondisclosure, confidentiality agreements
  • Non-competition and other employee-related agreements
  • Supplier-customer agreements
  • Software escrow agreement drafting and negotiation
  • Software escrow services
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