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Whether assessing your own intellectual property rights, your competitor’s rights, a potential acquisition, or technology development and commercialization, legal opinions in IP matters carry enormous weight in business decisions. Assessing where you have the freedom to operate in terms of third-party intellectual property rights is important to limit potential liability and damages in the event of litigation. We render comprehensive legal opinions regarding patent validity, infringement, enforceability, design-around possibilities, commercialization strategies, and other intellectual property issues. Whether you need an informal oral opinion, a formal written opinion limited to specific issues, or ongoing counseling for your entire portfolio, our firm can provide the reliable legal advice that you need to make well-informed decisions.  

  • Patentability of products, systems, or methods

  • Freedom to operate, right to use analyses and opinions

  • Patent infringement analyses and opinions

  • Patent validity analyses and opinions

  • Design around analyses and opinions

  • Counseling concerning the scope and strength of a patent or patent portfolio

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