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Product Clearance

Prior to launching a new product into the marketplace or practicing a new process, it is important to identify any third-party intellectual property to ensure you have the "freedom to operate" or the “right to use” your technology without impeding the rights of others.


A freedom to operate, or right to use, analysis examines the patent landscape and uncovers relevant patents and analyzes such patents to determine the scope and validity of the claim coverage to determine whether a proposed product or process is clear of infringement. Such analysis allows our clients to strategically direct research and development toward open spaces in the patent landscape, to avoid tracts that are fenced-off by competing patent activity. Assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of competing patent portfolios also allows our clients to determine potential design around opportunities to avoid infringement issues. We have the knowledge and experience in a wide variety of technology areas to provide our clients with the expertise necessary for a successful product launch. 


  • Patent landscape searches

  • Freedom to Operate, Right to Use analyses

  • Assessment of third-party intellectual property portfolios

  • Intellectual property infringement analyses

  • Design around analyses

  • Patent activity monitoring

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