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Due Diligence

Increasingly, IP has become one of the most important assets in the business world. IP due diligence is essentially an audit to identify and assess the quantity and quality of IP assets owned by, or licensed to, a company, business, or individual.
Identification and valuation of IP assets is a key consideration in business acquisitions or divestitures. When contemplating a merger or acquisition, it is very important to determine whether key technology and related assets are protected and convey the desired rights. Understanding the strength and scope of an IP portfolio is vital to making sound business decisions. In particular, you need to know whether the IP can be relied upon to prevent third parties from copying or using the technology you believe is protected.  Due diligence IP analysis also minimizes investment risk by identifying and mitigating potential risks, such as possible third-party infringement issues and license agreements that may impede your business objectives.
  • Assessment of IP assets for valuation purposes
  • Assessment of IP capture and protection processes
  • Assessment of IP portfolios
  • IP infringement analysis
  • Contract analysis regarding IP issues
  • Software escrow services
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